ENGINEERING: Always in for some custom engineering for cars, bikes, PC's
From drawings to FEM calculations so we know for sure it will work...
PRODUCTS: If these parts are good enough for me i could make some for you also.. 
FOR SALE: And just have a look at whats for sale, always got something lying around..
IN PROGRESS: Stuff in progress is what keeps me busy at the moment.. Modding, hacking, tweaking. And stuff that doesn't work.

What's in Progress?

  • Big stuff We all like big stuff (at least i do).. And with the expanding family we have, we needed some bigger haulin, And, at last, our first V8.. Again, big stuff ...
    Geplaatst 5 jan. 2011 03:45 door Admin van Dijk
  • Killing noise with a sandwich The original Shoggy Sandwich: Well-proven pump decoupling set, now available as a prepackaged construction set. With a middle sponge-like thingy that seems very familiar?     Installment is a breeze ...
    Geplaatst 12 mei 2010 04:18 door Admin van Dijk
  • Dual loop - Dual *NOISE* After installing my XSPC Dual-bay reservoir, it seemed that the two MCP350 i had where not so silent...   In the mean time i ditched one of the MCP350's ...
    Geplaatst 12 mei 2010 02:51 door Admin van Dijk
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